..And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.. Mark 16:15

Haiti is a place that most of our folks have a special place in the heart for. Many in our little church, have gone there to help out the locals. We are especially fond of an orphanage in the Northern port city of Cap Haitian called E.B.A.C. Its run by two ladies from Western Pennsylvania named Alice Wise and Cathy Gouker belonging to Dunbar Baptist Church. They do everything you can think of, like teaching and parenting and church service along with Sunday School, inventory control, construction superintendence and a few others. So far, they've spent 33 years of their lives down there. Back then they had mud huts to live in and conduct their work.

Cathy and Alice

The orphanage has expanded greatly in 33 years, thanks to fellow Christians, having grown to five primitive but larger structures that house areas like the dinning hall, boys and girls dorms, the Christian Academy and Sunday School. The population has swelled since the earthquake; there are now over two-hundred children living at the orphanage, not including the "street children" who come and go looking for food and companionship. Most receive prepared food twice a day and structured schooling from K-12. It's not uncommon to see an older teenager entering first grade.

Cebien Alexis

E.B.A.C orphanage was started by a Haitian by the name of Cebien Alexis. Some people call him "doctor" some "pastor". He wears a lot of hats including that of a horticulturist and humanitarian director. Rarely do you find people of such caliber. Waking up at 4:30, he meets patients at 5, and offers his holistic medical services to locals who line up in front of his office at the sound of roosters. Often Cebien will work until 9:00pm eating only once throughout the day. He gives most of the money he makes away, funneling his resources to the most needy people that he can think of. Every week, Cebien coordinates a food and supply delivery to a remote part of the country where he knows of desperate people. Incidentally, if you ever wanted to experience this, Pastor Cebien would be more than obliged to take you along. Advice: wear comfortable shoes.
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