..And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.. Mark 16:15

Brazil is a large country full of need. Although the Christian population represents 89% of the country, there are tribal civilizations in remote parts who have never heard the word. Spiritually, they rely on traditions passed down from previous generations; some of which mistake material objects and occurrences with that of God, hence, they are in great need of Biblical enlightenment.

Family Bible Church supports many missionary groups spread throughout rural Brazil. Some of our very own parishioners, make yearly treks to different areas of Brazil to spread the word and to assist in things like structure building and food distribution. If you would like to make a donation to one or more of our missionaries, please use our "Giving" page.

Missionaries in Brazil

The Peffers have been serving in the mission field for 15 years in bothPeffer Picture Africa and now Campo Verde, Brazil. Don & Zoe Peffer have two sons, Lee and Josiah that have served with them but both are now in college. Their daughter, Amanda, serves at a nearby church in Cuiaba. Don serves as interim pastor at Campo Verde Church. Their church is in need of a sanctuary for more accommodating worship and will cost $30,000 US. They have the workers in place but are in need of supplies. Their goal is to have a sanctuary built, a national pastor in place and to have Campo Verde Church self-reliant by 2012. Please pray for the Lord's provision regarding these issues. If you'd like to contact them please write to: Don & Zoe Peffer, Rua do Cerrado #168, Jupiara, Campo Verde, MT, 78.840-000, Brazil. Their e-mail is: Don.Peffer@CrossWorld.org

The Schurings have spent so much time in Brazil, they feel like fish out of water when they leave to come back home. Their children grew up there but are now scattered throughout the States going to school. One is employed in North Dakota. They still have five young ones serving with them in Brazil. They are finding it a challenge to minister to the Javae Indians and need the Biblical teachings translated to Portuguese. One of their goals is to construct a church to serve these same indians. You can get a hold of them by writing to: Russell & Becky Schuring, Caixa Postal 7, Formoso Do Araguaia, TO 77470-000, Brazil S.A. or e-mailing them at: russ-becky_schuring@ntm.org

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